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    Congratulations on the successful convening of the Fourth Member Congress of Quanzhou Standardization Association

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    On the morning of November 10, 2017, the Fourth Member Representative Conference of Quanzhou Standardization Association and Association General Meeting was held in Quanzhou Binhai Hotel. Zheng Huasheng, Vice Chairman of Quanzhou Science and Technology Association, Wu Shuntian, Director of the Municipal Science and Technology Association, Shi Zhenni, Chief of Approval Section of Quanzhou Civil Affairs Bureau, Chen Zhenzhen, Chief of Standardization Section of Quanzhou Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau, and other leaders, as well as universities and enterprises in Fujian Province More than 90 people including representatives, major associations and all members attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Secretary-General Sun Zhilue.

    First, Minister Wu Shuntian of the Municipal Association for Science and Technology read the approval for the establishment of the Fourth Member Congress of Quanzhou Standardization Association and the establishment of the party branch; Chief Shi Zhenni of the Civil Affairs Bureau read the approval for the re-election of Quanzhou Standardization Association. Since then, Quanzhou The Fourth Member Representative Conference of the Municipal Standardization Association was established. Subsequently, the meeting listened to and reviewed the work report and financial income and expenditure report made by the chairman's deputy Han Peng on behalf of the third council, and reviewed and approved the association's new charter, financial management regulations and standard scientific and technological research results rewards.


    At this meeting, the new members of the team were elected and passed unanimously. The final confirmation list is as follows: The election passed Chen Shitian, Guo Wenbin, Guo Yongshang, Han Peng, Lin Qingshan, Lin Zhijie, Pan Qinghua, Pan Yiming, Sun Zhilue, Tang Zhaoyun, Wu Donghai, Xu Chunshu , Juventus, Zhang Shaoxin, Zhu Bin, Lin Yuanzhen, Zhou Xilan, 17 members of the fourth board of directors, elected Fujian Minxuan Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhu Bin as the new chairman, Guo Yongshang, Sun Zhilue, and Han Peng as vice chairman , Lin Yuanzhen served as secretary-general, elected Zheng Huating, Yan Qiaozhu, and Huang Yanling as supervisors, and Zheng Huating served as chairman of the board of supervisors.

    A new journey opens a new dream! Chairman Zhu Bin spoke on behalf of the new leadership of the association. He sincerely thanked all leaders, members, enterprises and institutions and friends for their care and support for the association. He put forward five major development ideas for the future of the association:

    (1) Establishing and improving various systems and innovating new models of association development;

    (2) Focus on the development of the enterprise and give full play to the technical advantages of the association;

    (3) Strengthen self-construction and continue to innovate and develop;

    (4) Enrich the form of activities and build a win-win platform;

    (5) Strengthen the development team, set up relevant standardization professional committees and working groups to settle down;


    The conference received the care, support and help of the Municipal Association for Science and Technology, the Civil Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, and various major industry associations in Quanzhou. The Vice Chairman of the Municipal Association for Science and Technology Zheng Huasheng gave a speech. Affirmed Quanzhou's standardization achievements and contributions in the fields of food, shoes and clothing, optoelectronics, equipment manufacturing, and machinery safety, and put forward four suggestions for the future development of the association:

    (1) Strengthen the guidance of the government, strive to give full play to the functions of the association, and make the work of the association a priority;

    (2) Persist in academic exchanges, build an academic exchange platform, adhere to the integration with the national development and innovation strategy, and contribute to the improvement of industry quality and efficiency, and technological development;

    (3) It is necessary to build a good communication bridge and a good cooperation platform. The association strengthens communication and coordination with relevant departments, uses favorable government policies to guide the development of the industry and the needs of members, and provides enterprises with high value-added services and value for members;

    (4) Adhere to scientific and technological work-oriented, serve the members well, make the association a warm home for scientific and technological workers, insist on organizing associations for members, relying on members to organize meetings, doing things for members, and profiting for members. At the same time, it is necessary to speed up the establishment of a quality technical expert database, improve the management system and strictly implement it, and push the development of the association to a new climax.

    Quality seize opportunities, standards lead development. This time, the establishment of the Fourth Member Representative Conference of Quanzhou Standardization Association will be a new starting point for the development of Quanzhou standardization. We will continue to work hard to make full use of the excellence and wisdom of our members, vigorously carry out standardization work, and better accelerate economic transformation. Upgrade the pace and strive to make more contributions to the construction of a modern industrial and trade port city in the economic zone on the west side of the Straits.

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