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    Innovation to shape the future ‖ Minxuan Technology made a stunning appearance at CHINAPLAS 2019

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    To meet the new era, new challenges, and new opportunities of the plastics and rubber industry, the world's leading international plastics and rubber exhibition "CHINAPLAS 2019" officially opened on May 21, 2019 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Pazhou, Guangzhou. The grand prologue on the 4th (May 21st to 24th) attracted thousands of domestic and foreign businessmen to participate. With the theme of "Intelligent Manufacturing·High-tech Materials·Environmental Technology", the exhibition is like a top-level show. Through product displays, forums and seminars, the world's leading rubber and plastic machinery, materials and solutions are brought to the eyes of the audience, presenting unprecedented concentration Active technological breakthroughs and innovations. Minxuan Technology, as the previous exhibitors of the International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition, brought a number of star products that have been well received in the rubber and plastics industry and new products with the potential to conform to the new development of the industry (Booth No.: 10.1C63), and it attracted countless fans in just a few days .

    With a rich product lineup, beautiful and exquisite product appearance, efficient and reliable product performance and cutting-edge product technology, the Minxuan Technology Booth (NO.10.1C63) has attracted many domestic and foreign merchants and The audience came to visit and stop for consultation, and its popularity far exceeded expectations, becoming the most beautiful "boy" in this exhibition area. Through the warm hospitality of the professional team of Minxuan Technology, and the model display platform designed and manufactured by our company to provide customers with a more intuitive understanding of the operation and installation principles of rotary joints, we will answer in detail their questions about products, technology, services, etc. , Fully demonstrated the product strength and team style of Minxuan Technology, and negotiated cooperation matters with many domestic and foreign customers and friends on the spot. They not only recognized the quality of Minxuan products, but also were optimistic about the prospects of Minxuan products in the international market.

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    The market is changing rapidly, and the mission of the new era has given birth to new opportunities. As an industry standardization researcher, a domestic industry-leading rotary joint manufacturer, and a high-tech enterprise, the products on display at the Minxuan booth are the results of continuous refinement in our company’s special fields. The portrayal is a model representative who focuses on technology research and development and innovation. It reflects our never-stopping course of years of innovation. These products have won the market and customers with their reliable, efficient, and energy-saving excellent price-performance ratio. They have cooperated with many excellent rubber and plastic machinery. Enterprises cooperate and advance together, help consolidate the cutting-edge technology of their industry, and shine on the stage at home and abroad! Among them, the MXB2 product is a new product developed by our company along with the development of energy saving and environmental protection in the rubber and plastic industry. It can be passed through water, hot water, and steam media. The temperature is less than 220℃, the speed is less than 800rpm, and the pressure is less than 1.5MPa. It belongs to the flat seal series of Minxuan Technology. High-end customized products for rotary joints. The product is newly upgraded, and the overall structure follows the split structure design of the second-generation product, which is convenient for online operation and saves time; it is equipped with multiple sealing surfaces, and the sealing performance is stronger; the wide circulation channel design reduces pressure loss and is efficient and energy-saving; special treatment is adopted High-quality shell and connecting shaft, with higher structural strength and bearing capacity; multi-channel support structure design, high overall stability; smooth and compact beautiful appearance, adding "beauty" to the equipment. As a new product of our company, this model has excellent and reliable comprehensive performance through market feedback, and is well received. It has attracted much attention at the exhibition. In addition, our company exhibited traditional typical products (YJ2, RHG, RH, etc.); second-generation products (MXQ, MXPH, etc.); new products in recent years (MXQC, MXQ3, MXB2, P09, etc.) Steam-electric-hydraulic rotary joints, etc.) have also attracted many merchants.

    In the new era, new challenges, and new opportunities, innovation is the magic weapon to stand on the market trend. Minxuan Technology will continue to rely on years of experience and strength accumulated in the field of rotary seal technology, based on user needs, continue to innovate technology, and give play to its core advantages , To help promote the development of the machinery manufacturing industry, and sing the Chinese brand, Chinese creation and Chinese quality in the field of rotary seal technology.

    PS: The exhibition will come to a successful conclusion tomorrow (24th), Minxuan Technology (Booth No.: 10.1C63) will stick to the last moment, sincerely invite you to come, if you are not convenient to come to the scene, it does not matter, our hotline (0595) -22201044) 24-hour dedicated service, looking forward to cooperating with you!

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