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    Maintenance of rotary joint

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    -01-Attention should be paid to the use of rotary joints
    1) If the machine is not used for a long time, it will cause scale or rust inside the rotary joint. If it is reused, it may be stuck or dripping.
    2) For those with oil filling device, please fill it regularly to ensure the reliability of the rotating joint bearing.
    3) The rotary joint that circulates the heating medium should be gradually heated to avoid sudden temperature changes.
    4) Keep the rotary joint roller and the inside of the pipe clean. Special attention should be paid to new equipment, and filters must be added when necessary to avoid abnormal wear of the rotary joint caused by foreign objects.

    -02-Causes of leakage after installation and use and countermeasures
    1) The concentricity of the rotating shaft and the rotating body is not enough: check the dimensional accuracy, and adjust the fixed connection with the rotating body.
    2) The clearance between the bottom hole of the shell or the bottom cover and the rotating shaft is not equal (the sealing ring is inclined): adjust the hanging, supporting or guiding rod structure and the tightness of the metal hose to ensure the rotation of the rotating shaft, the shell and the matching rotating body Concentricity. (Especially the heat transfer oil series are most prone to this phenomenon, please pay attention when installing.)
    3) The accuracy of the assembly machine is low (end face verticality, radial and axial clearance is large), and the vibration is large: find the cause, repair and match the equipment.
    4) The friction sealing surface is not running-in: after running-in and using for a period of time to reach the equilibrium roughness, the leakage will stop.
    5) Granular solids or foreign objects with higher hardness enter between the sealing surfaces of the friction pair during assembly or installation: Grind the friction surface of the friction pair or replace spare parts.

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