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    MXPHA Rotary Joint

    Outer pipe:Thread connection or flange connection
    Feature:precision process,excellent seal performance; Rotor shaft adopt special treatment,especially superior in durability; Aluminum alloy shell,light weight; Adopt sealed ball bearing to achieve need no lubrication; High speed, low torque,lower wear rate,maintain long-term high performance.

    Technical Parameter:
    Media Air
    Max.Temperature ≤90℃
    Max.Pressure ≤1.0MPa
    Max.Speed ≤1000rpm

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    0595-8686 1188

    Nominal K S D d L L1 L2 L3
    15A R1/2" NPT1/2" R1/2" NPT1/2" Φ58 Φ13 121 17 32 104
    20A R3/4" NPT3/4" R3/4" NPT3/4" Φ60 Φ17 120 18 34 102
    25A R1" NPT1" R1" NPT1" Φ69 Φ20 137 21 39 114
    32A R1-1/4" NPT1-3/4" R1-1/4" NPT1-1/4" Φ86 Φ29 164 25 48 138
    40A R1-1/2" NPT1-1/2" R1-1/2" NPT1-1/2" Φ97 Φ34 190 25 57 130

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