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    MXQ3 Rotary Joint (Mono Flow)

    Outer pipe: Thread connection or flange connection
    Feature:Convex or concave spherical seal; Standard antimony impregnated graphite or carbon graphite sealing technology; Double widely spaced graphite bearing support; Precision cast iron shell; Dual-flow design; Preventive maintenance design wiht sealing abrasion scale line; Surface treatment of the rotating shaft for abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance; Automatic centering.

    Technical Parameter:
    Media Steam、Hot oil
    Max.Temperature ≤350℃ (Hot oil);≤220℃ (Steam)
    Max.Pressure ≤1.8MPa
    Max.Speed ≤200rpm

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    0595-8686 1188

    Model K O d L1 L6 L7 L8 M N H SW Flange outer tube size control table
    A B C D
    32A R1-1/4" Rc1-1/4" 30 55 245 108 124 M10 14 60 41 40 13 38 20
    40A R1-1/2" Rc1-1/2" 36 62 280 133 149 M10 16 71 45 47.8 13 45 20

    We offer customized products if special sizes.
    Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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