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  • Flexible Metal Hose

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    Stainless metal hose(Both ends of the flange end is 90°)

    Outer pipe:Both ends of the flange end is 90°
    Feature:1.The body of metal hoses are made of 304 stainless steel,possessing strong corrosion resistance. 2.Ose tubes are formed by Hydraulic,Spining thin-walled stainless steel,having stronger flexibility,scalability and shock resistance. 3.Both ends of a hose can be connected with thread,flange standard and other connection types,easy to connect and use.

    Technical Parameter:
    Media Water、Steam、Hot Oil、gas and other Various fluid medium
    Max.Temperature ≦450℃
    Max.Pressure ≦1.6MPa
    Note: If the above usage parameter exceeds, we can provide special customization, please refer to our metal hose instruction.

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